cmfc wings logoThe Constellation Model Flying Club was established in 1946.  Our aims are “The promotion and encouragement of model aircraft building and model aircraft flying in all its aspects”

Our club has a healthy membership with over 100 members.  Our members enjoy flying at the field on most days of the week, weather permitting.  In South Australia, we enjoy flying for at least 10 months of the year, with the odd days in summer where it is too hot and a few weeks over winter where the field gets saturated with water.

If you are interested in Radio Controlled Model Aircraft, you are welcome to come out to the field and have a look.  The best time to come along is of a Saturday morning.

The CMFC is affiliated with MASA (State) and MAAA (National) parent bodies.


Ross Felix  sent in this link.

He took the Photos at the 2018 20th anniversary of the Golden Era of Air Racing

Ross Felix and his Ford.


CMFC field 338 Brooks Road, Waterloo Corner




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