Pylon Racing

The Constellation Club is the host to a Monthly Pylon Racing event.

The Pylon Racing is held on the second Sunday of each month. The event is open to all MASA Members.

Please take a look at the MASA EVENTS page for the list of dates. The format of the racing is 10 laps against the clock.

The classes of racing are:

  • Australian Q500 aircraft with 500 square inches of wing, and a stock 46 size motor, and 10×6 prop. A Sonic, or Viper are common and meant to be an entry level for racing.
  • Australian Q400 semi scale aircraft with 395.25 square inches of wing. Engine enclosed by cowl, and stock 46 and no restrictions on fixed pitch prop.

Stock mufflers only, no tuned pipes, fuel is supplied, and bring a helper.

The following people should be able to help answer any questions about getting involved. Mick Savill, Steve Wilkin, Stuart Humpherson, Mark Farley, Rod Spurrier, Tom Jacobsen (from down South), Bob McEwin.

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